In a post-COVID world, resilience will be the defining characteristic for business success. 

Are you equipping your teams today to build these skills?   


Customize resilience-building to every team, with an end-to-end, digital solution


Benchmark Resilience

  • Your team takes Skylyte's Proprietary diagnostic.

  • You get back a personalized dashboard identifying areas to focus on and how! 


Craft Custom Actions

  • Your team chooses 1 of the 4 pillars of team resilience to work on

  • You craft 1 small action to commit to this month 

  • Your coach is present to help!


Stay Accountable

  • Our highly-trained coaches help you stay accountable on regular basis

  • Re-take the diagnostic periodically

  • Cross-pollinate successful team actions across your company 



We have based our diagnostic on the latest research on burnout, resilience-building and team dynamics  

Team Offering

  • Team-level Diagnostic

  • Team coaching for all your coaches

Company Offering

  • Team offering for all teams +

  • Company-wide Diagnostic & Analytics 




We have developed our own Resilience Typology Quiz based on motivational and coping theory..


Frequently asked questions


What does the diagnostic measure and is it reallly necessary?

The diagnostic measures resilience and risk of burnout for individuals and teams. It allows you to benchmark not only your level but also the underlying LEVERS that you can use to improve your resilience score. The diagnostic is the basis of everything we do. It allows for a more personalized and focused action-taking. It allows us to track progress over time and provide coaching and learning where it moves the needle the most!

Can we do just the diagnostic without the coaching?

Yes! We find that often the diagnostic on its own is not enough to stimulate the kind of accountability and reflection that is needed for long-term change. But we do offer the diagnostic on its own if you prefer

How was the diagnostic built? How do I know it is valid?

Diagnostic's content
The diagnostic was built over many months using the best of our own proprietary research and the existing research around resilience, burnout and behavior change. Experts in statistics, behavior change, neuroscience and content experts were involved throughout this process to ensure it is not only steeped in science but also embodies it!
Its validity It is the first of its kind to include individual, team and organizational factors all in one. This diagnostic has been extensively tested and has extremely high statistical validity!

Working with us

What kind of outcomes can I expect as a company from working with Skylyte?

We see ourselves as PARTNERS in your resilience-building. This means that we work closely with you to ensure that you are getting the insights and action-taking you need to move the needle. Here are some of the outcomes you can expect after working with us:
(1) Improved knowledge of your talent's greatest risks to resilience (2) Improved understanding of where to spend your training dollars (and higher ROI) (3) Reduced churn, improved employee engagement and higher productivity teams

Is there a way for us to test what you do?

Sure! Sign up for our team consults above!

We are a team. We'd like to try your services even if you don't contract with our company. Can we?

Yes. We have an offering for teams only (up to teams of 7 people). However, we strongly encourage you to get company buy-in as the most significant change can only happen if you have input and role-modeling from leaders


What makes you different from other coaching or employee engagement companies?

Well 2 main things:
(1) we focus on the team! We believe that THIS is the unit of change
(2) we combine what both of these industries have done well - drive long-term behavior change and large-scale data collection.

Why do you focus on the team?

They are the LYNCHPIN of employee experience and business success. We know that 75% of people leave their jobs because of their direct manager. New HR research indicates that as important as leaders are, working to reinforce teams is more predictive of business outcomes! Right unit of change Most resilience initiatives have focused on individuals. But we believe that this adds more stress to the individual (hence reducing their own resilience!) Instead, they need a unit of change that is big enough that they can feel supported but small enought that it can be nimble and make change rapidly. Teams offer the perfect balance

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