"Believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Believe that you may be that light for someone else.” - Kobi Yamada, What to do with an Idea.

Lead with respect

Respect is at the beginning of everything. Without respect there is no curiosity, there is no benefit of the doubt. 


We believe that we ourselves must follow our own advice. That's why we hold each other accountable to uphold team health, self-care, and fulfillment. 


We believe and hold ourselves accountable to naming the elephant in the room, and to be bold in imagining a different reality

impact commitment

We are committed to measuring our impact and ever-improving the quality and depth of our work. This takes collaboration, organization and determination. 


We play cards on the table. We believe in thoughtful transparency that puts curiosity & vulnerability at the center of our interactions.



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Dr. Leah Weiss

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About: Leah has 10+ years partnering with companies and universities (Google, Stanford, the VA, HopeLab) on compassion and burnout. She is a founding faculty member of Stanford’s “Compassion Cultivation Program,” conceived by the Dalai Lama and is a Lecturer at Stanford GSB. She is the author of the book, How We Work. She holds a Bachelors from Stanford and a PhD from Boston College.

Leah dreams that… we can be humans at work. Let’s bring our whole selves to work and to our lives more generally.


Ines Gramegna

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About: Ines spent close to 4 years in management consulting at McKinsey, as well as 4 years in behavior change and adult ed. She has experience working across 3 continents with top teams, large companies and startups (as an advisor and operator). She is a trained coach and holds degrees from LSE (BSc Economics/Politics) and Stanford (MBA/MA Ed). 


Ines dreams that… the workplace will become a source of energy for most people rather than a depleter of it.



Jane Dutton

Prof Emirtus Michigan,

Co-founder Center of Positive Psychology, coiner of "Job Crafting"

Why I'm involved in Skylyte: 

They are applying 'job crafting'at the team-level in a pragmatic and thoughtful way. I continue to believe that we need to provide agency to reshape our workplaces

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Steve Cole

Director of UCLA Social Genomics Core Lab, Prof of Medicine at UCLA  

Why I'm involved in Skylyte:

We need to bridge the gap between biological stress and action-taking when we think about building resiience. This is my sweet spot as an advisor, and why I'm supportting Skylyte in its efforts.

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Gal Spiegler

3x Entrepreneur,Tech Guru, veteran of 8200

Why I'm involved in Skylyte: 

Workplace burnout is the dormant enemy of the modern workforce. Having felt burnout in the past and also dealt with team burnout, I believe that Skylyte's unique resilience approach can help teams better cope with this phenomenon.

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Jonathan Lu

Entrepreneur, Investor, Product Guy at P&G

Why I'm involved in Skylyte: 

We are literally killing ourselves for work, and for what purpose?  Skylyte tackles a critical issue in our modern society that few acknowledge.  Business has always been personal.  Building a business begins with building our people.

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Elisa Jagerson

Global Leader in Digital Transformation & Innovation  

Why I'm involved in Skylyte: 

I am thrilled that Skylyte has identified evidence-based solutions to the stealth tax that burnout puts on our businesses, and on our society. We all need to be a part of building resilience in our workplaces

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