Crisis: Building Urgency for Team Resiliency?

We all know that humans are good at procrastinating. We are good at putting things off until the last minute, until it is maybe even too late. The current COVID-19 Pandemic may be bringing urgency to topics that were previously deemed to be 'nice to haves', bringing into relief fault-lines that have existed in our systems and our workplaces. At Skylyte we believe that this pandemic has created the momentum to change our work habits in an unparalleled way.

Beyond the obvious

The most obvious changes are around remote work, and the clashing of home and work life. These topics are the NOW - the present considerations and challenges. But what should executives, (especially HR executives) be thinking of beyond this? In our (very unbiased opinion of course), the next mountain on the horizon is team resiliency. We believe that more than ever, business outcomes will be determined by the resiliency of your teams!

Why team resiliency?

For 3 reasons:

(1) It has a huge impact on employee experience: With more than 75% of people leaving their jobs because of their direct manager, we know that the the team is at the center of both the employee experience and the team's productivity and engagement.

(2) There is untapped potential: Today, there are many solutions to build individual resiliency: think meditation, growth mindset, brain training apps. The trouble with these is that they put the onus on change on INDIVIDUALS rather than on their environment, often increasing stress. On the flip side, there are also many large cultural transformation initiatives. But these are often top-heavy, clunky and long-term.

(3) This will not be the first or the last crisis: Hopefully, this will be one of the worst (and most global) crises we will face. But crises happen all the time, in all businesses. We can use this crisis to prepare for the next one!

What change is needed?

The best way to capture the change that is needed is to think in terms of from... to. We need to go

From... a vague understanding of resilience and burnout... to... a thoughtful and measurable approach to both!

From... putting the onus of change on individuals... To... spreading that onus to teams and organizations

From...evaluating managers on performance only...To... evaluating managers on their team's well-being

From... single bottom line companies... To...double (or even triple) bottom line companies that put talent sustainability first

What is one thing you can do today?

If you are an individual contributor: speak to someone you know well and ask them what is one thing that they think makes you resilient to change and uncertainty.

If you are a manager: start with self-awareness. Do you know what triggers you in your team? Do you know how you come across?

If you are a leader: look into how managers are rewarded for their behaviors. Does this align with long-term talent sustainability?

With that, play the long game, build resilience.

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